Pain in the upper back and neck

Pain in the upper back and neck

Pain relief with pulse regulating acupuncture system

Aches and pains in the neck and back are common complaints among patients at the clinic. Back pain can result from repetitive strain, poor posture, lack of exercise and accidents. People are prone to vertebral misalignments because of poor posture at work.

Male, 57 years old, computer engineer

The patient complained of neck and right upper back pain, which worsened by turning his head to his left side. The pain level was 5/10. It used to be 8 – 9/10 about two weeks ago when he started having pain. There was no limitation in the range of motion. Upon palpation, his abdomen felt tight in general.

Due to his work, he had to sit in front of the computer all the time. The pain was work-related.


SI deficient HT excess Lung excess LI even

GB excess LV excess SP excess ST excess

BL excess KI excess PC excess TB excess

Yin and Yang

Yinyoung pulse L < R (Yin excess)

Yanggye pulse L < R

Point selection

Left) – SI2, – BL66, -GB42, -ST36

Right) -HT8, -LU8, -LV1, -SP3, -KI2, +SI3, -LV3, +LI4

L1, T11/9/7/6/5


I used the pulse-regulating acupuncture system in treating the patient with pain in the upper back and neck.

After removing the acupuncture needles, his pulses at Yinyoung returned to normal. He felt released from the pain in the upper back and neck. I asked him to return for the third treatment to stabilize the condition.

I showed him a shoulder exercise and recommended him that he practice it every day.