Difficulty with tranquility in your mind

Tranquility, peace, and calmness in mind

Columbia river gorge

We sometimes face difficulty with tranquility in mind.

It means keeping your mind at peace and calm with emptiness. It is easier said than done. We all experience difficulty with tranquility in mind.

Wandering mind in unknown places

According to Neijing, preserving a peaceful and calm mind with no desire helps your energy run its own natural course and keeps the essence and mind in balance. There will be no way that diseases can enter the body.

We are born with peaceful and calm minds as a baby. We don’t have any worries and are happy all the time. This is when our mind is most relaxed and we can listen and learn things very well. We can also focus on one thing for a long time, a characteristic of a mature mind.

The mind is a complex and mysterious organ. It is the seat of our consciousness, where we come to know and understand the world around us. It is also the repository of our memories, the source of our thoughts and emotions, and the locus of our interaction with others and our environment. And yet, despite its importance and impact on our lives, the mind is a subject that scientists have actively studied for only a relatively short time.

As we age, the mind becomes filled with various emotions, such as greed, delight, anger, depression, overthinking, sadness, fear and fright, and so on. When they exceed the average level, we may lose composure, affecting emotional and physical health.

Various desires also significantly affect our health, especially when they become extreme. Greed may be the vital element that causes difficulty with tranquility in mind. Emptying your mind will help your energy run its natural course. This is what we should remember in our daily life.