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  • Acupuncture burn treatments

    Acupuncture burn treatments

    Acupuncture treats burn injuries. Burn injuries respond well to acupuncture treatment. Although, few people know, Korean acupuncture can successfully treat burn injuries. Patients experience less discomfort after acupuncture treatments, and the burned area has fewer scars overall. Burn injuries can happen in any situation. Burns can occur while cooking, playing, around a campfire, and doing…

  • Moxibustion benefits

    What are the advantages of moxibustion? This is a translation of Dr. Namsoo Kim‘s Theory and Practicality of Moxibustion, which discusses the benefits of moxibustion (Gudang). He is an authority on moxibustion. He combined moxibustion and acupuncture in his treatments. Direct moxibustion involves burning mugwort wool on the skin and leaving burns on it. As…

  • Seasonal allergies treated by moxibustion.

    Seasonal allergies treated by moxibustion.

    Rhinitis Here is a video of Gudang treating a kid with rhinitis. His acupuncture needling technique is different. He keeps talking with the boy while comforting him.

  • Indigestion, lack of energy and headache

    Indigestion, lack of energy and headache

    Indigestion Here is the scene of Gudang treating a patient with indigestion, lack of energy and headache. Gudang developed his unique treatment technique through his clinical experience. He has his own protocols for acupuncture and moxbibustion.

  • Practical acupuncture points by Gudang

    Practical acupuncture points Master Gudang was a leading authority on moxibustion and acupuncture in Korea. His dedication to the practice spanned seven decades, during which he meticulously honed a unique protocol that combined specific acupuncture points. This protocol, informed by his extensive experience, aimed to address a wide range of ailments and promote overall well-being.…

  • Benefits of Direct moxibustion 4

    Benefits of Direct moxibustion 4

    This continues from Benefits of Direct Moxibustion 3. 4) Regulation of hormone secretion Hormones are produced in the endocrine system and are important to regulate our body functions. Moxibustion is effective in helping their secretion. It helps regulate secretion, improve health, and increase resistance against diseases. 5) Regulation of nerve function There are many sensitive…