Exogenous diseases and infectious diseases

It is said that acute onset involves transmission only to foot meridians, and not to hand meridians.  In addition, if it progresses in the order of five phases, the person will survive. If it is against the order of five phases, he will die.

The natural course is generation of water by metal, wood by water, fire by wood, earth by fire, and metal by earth. The abnormal course is control of wood by metal, earth by wood, water by earth, fire by water and metal by fire.

Treatments will be to address DU16 on the first day of the onset,  LI3 on the second day, SJ3 and GB41 on the third day, LU11 and SP1 on the fourth day, HT7 and KI3 on the fifth day, and HT4, LV4 and PC5 on the sixth day.

When diseases are on the exterior, which is governed by six fu organs, treatment will be to address SI5, SJ6, LI5 and GB38.

When diseases are in the interior, which is governed by five zang organs, treatments will be to address SP5, KI7, LU8, HT4, and PC5. 

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