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At Kihyon Sohn Acupuncture in Beaverton, Oregon, we understand the challenges our bodies face in modern society. Factors like poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and electromagnetic waves can contribute to various health issues. As the average lifespan approaches 100 years, it’s crucial to manage our health effectively to live happy, disease-free lives. We offer natural and holistic acupuncture and herbal treatments in Beaverton Hillsdale, using herbal granules from Taiwan with minimal side effects. Immediate treatment is essential for maintaining a high quality of life and reducing healthcare costs. Visit us for expert acupuncture and herbal medicine solutions.”

Recover Faster in Beaverton: Dr. Sohn’s Acupuncture & Herbal Treatments

Dr. Kihyon Sohn, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Beaverton, is dedicated to helping patients recover quickly and return to their normal lives by combining acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments.

In treating all health conditions, instead of focusing solely on the illnesses themselves, he prioritizes addressing the underlying abnormal states of the body to restore it to a healthy state. Remarkably, as these abnormal physical and mental conditions are corrected, he has observed people recovering from various illnesses. Learn more about this holistic approach to health and wellness, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, at our Beaverton location!

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Achieving Balance through Traditional Asian Medicine with Dr. Sohn

Traditional Asian medicine emphasizes achieving balance by addressing the body’s signals, often referred to as complaints. These complaints can offer valuable clues to underlying issues. By addressing these concerns, Dr. Sohn aims to treat various illnesses.

Here are some common body complaints that traditional Asian medicine considers:

  1. Digestion: Does everything you eat digest well?
  2. Elimination: Does your body experience regular bowel movements, urination, menstruation (if applicable), and sweating?
  3. Well-being: Does your body experience comfort, including good sleep, a positive mood, and lack of chest discomfort?
  4. Temperature regulation: Does your body maintain a comfortable temperature?

Dr. Sohn views these indicators as essential for promoting balance within the body. He believes that by restoring this balance, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are better equipped to address various illnesses.

Beyond Pain Relief: Korean Saam Acupuncture Promotes Long-Term Wellness in Beaverton

  • Minimal to no discomfort during needle insertion
  • Traditional Korean Saam acupuncture system
  • Focus on treating root cause
  • One patient at a time for optimal care
  • Faster recovery using Acupuncture and herbal medicine

We prioritize patient comfort, using the thinnest needles available, making them suitable for children or those uneasy about needles. Experience nearly pain-free acupuncture with optimal results in Beaverton.

We employ the Traditional Korean Saam Acupuncture System, utilizing distal acupuncture points below the knees and elbows to enhance balance and energy flow throughout the body. This system specifically addresses related organs, promoting harmony for affected organs or meridians.

We go beyond alleviating local pain, using distal points to target the root cause. By addressing underlying imbalances, we prevent the recurrence of various health conditions.

We provides dedicated and personalized attention to each patient, seeing them individually to ensure optimal care and tailored treatment plans.

To expedite healing and address deeper imbalances, we may recommend combining acupuncture with herbal medicine. This comprehensive approach aims to restore well-being efficiently.

Acupuncture: A Needle’s Touch for Balance

For centuries, acupuncture has used thin needles to stimulate specific points on the body believed to lie along pathways of energy. This traditional practice aims to restore balance in the body’s vital energy, potentially offering various benefits such as pain relief, stress reduction, emotional well-being, and improved health outcomes. Research suggests its effectiveness in managing chronic pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, nausea, and other conditions.

  • Pain Relief: Dr. Sohn offers acupuncture as a potential tool for managing chronic pain conditions.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: This form of acupuncture may help manage hormonal imbalances associated with menstrual issues, menopause, and other conditions.
  • Fatigue: Dr. Sohn can help you improve your physical and emotional energy levels, allowing you to fully engage in your daily life.
  • Natural Health: Dr. Sohn leverages natural acupuncture techniques to promote your overall health and well-being.
  • Mental and emotional disorders: Beyond depression and anxiety, acupuncture can be a powerful tool for managing stress and promoting relaxation.

Nature’s Pharmacy: Exploring Traditional Asian Herbal Medicine

Real people, Real results: Testimonials

I saw Dr. Kihyon Sohn for help recovering from a brain injury that left me with extreme fatigue, vision problems, and headaches that persisted for many years after my injury. The treatments brought me great relief, which allowed me to return to full time work. I had just about given up on ever being able to live a normal life again, and I’m incredibly grateful for his care. He is exceedingly kind and professional, and I recommend him very highly. – Lorre, Portland

I went to Dr. Sohn for treatment of chronic health issues. His acupuncture treatments and the Chinese herbs he provides have helped me a lot! I feel both energized and relaxed after treatment. My digestive system works reliably and my asthma and coughing are more controlled since I’ve started treatment. I appreciate that part way through treatment he checks on me and adds needles if needed. He uses very slender needles and is very considerate of the patient’s comfort. I would highly recommend him. – Page, Portland

I want to thank and recommend 100% Dr. Kihyon S. for treating me. He was highly recommended as the best one in Oregon. I was having gastrointestinal health issues and others. I couldn’t handle the pain it was affecting my life, and with the treatments and herbal medicine I am doing so much better and grateful for the positive impact on my health. Happy that I’m not dealing with all the issues . I was having. I feel I’m back to who I was before. – Sara, Newberg

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