A Twelve Hour Fast

Everything needs some break so that it may not burn itself out. I suddenly find myself doing a twelve to thirteen hour fasting everyday.  It was not my intention at all. I just listen to what my body tells me to do. I eat dinner at around 5 pm, and I have my breakfast at around 7 am. Coincidentally, the 7 am is the hour that Stomach starts to work in the Ancient clock. 

We know that the daytime belongs to yang, while the nighttime belongs to yin. The daytime is when fu organs, such as stomach, small intestine, large intestine, etc, need to work.  The nighttime is when zang organs, such as liver, kidney, and so on, should work since these are yin organs. What if we make the fu organs work hard at night? Even biomedicine shows that the body cleans itself only when there is a fasting for about nine hours, which means no food entering the mouth for the hours. We should let our body take its natural course. 

Functional neurological disorder

Functional neurological disorders

There are people who suffer from loss of smell, taste, vision or hearing, or dysfunction of extremities. However, medical exams fail to find any reason for them. They call it conversion disorder or functional neurological disorder. This is where East Asian Medicine can provide solutions.

In our medicine, mind and body are not separate. Certain emotions affect relevant organs. Take anger for example, if you are constantly angry, it can affect your liver, gallbladder, pericardium, triple burner, and so on.

Anger is assigned to liver. Gallbladder is the pair of liver. Pericardium shares the same meridian with liver, which is Juein. Triple burner is connected with gallbladder in the meridian of Shaoyang.

The organs in the same meridian share energy. The affected organ, liver, may also overact on its relevant organ, which is spleen. The organs are in the continuous circuit where they give or receive influences to or from others.

Placing the relevant organs in harmony would help bring patients back to their normal conditions. Acupuncture or moxibustion can be of great help.