Benefits of Direct Moxibustion 2

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2) It improves blood circulation. 
Blood circulates in the body with heart being the center. It provides energy for the body to work by transporting oxygen from lung and nutrition from stomach to each organ. It also sends unnecessary substances and carbon dioxide to each excretory organs.  If there is something wrong with blood circulation, our body will not work somewhere in our body. Moxibustion can have a great effect on blood circulation. When you apply moxibustion, it will increase blood flow to the area.  If blood is collected and overflowing somewhere in the body, applying moxibustion somewhere distal to the area can lead to blood circulation in the affected area.

Moxibustion is effective in helping movement of the heart. It can improve the contracting force of the heart muscle and spurt blood out of the heart forcefully.  It can also expand capillaries in the extremities remote from the heart and improve blood circulation.  You may feel cold in your hands and feet due to poor blood circulation, or experience poor sleep, dizziness with dimming vision, or edema in your legs from being on your feet too long.  In the cases, if you apply moxibustion according to each condition, it will improve blood circulation and lead to faster relief of the condition.

In addition, moxibustion can promote circulation of lymph. Lymph nodes in neck, armpits and groin areas will protect our body against substances detrimental to our body and do detoxification as well. It will help transport the substances to the lymph nodes and promote detoxification.

Thus, moxibustion will strengthen heart and improve circulation of blood and lymph, thereby regulating circulation of our whol body. This is why it is effective for any disorders related to circulation.

Benefits of Direct moxibustion 1

I am happy to have a little time to translate benefits of direct moxibustion from Theory and Practicality of Moxibustion, written by Dr Namsoo Kim (Gudang). Since this is too long, there will be several blogs to continue in the future.  I hope this will be of some help for those who are interested in moxibustion.

Direct moxibustion is to burn mugwort wool on the skin and leave burns on it. This produces a histotoxin in the body.  Its chemical stimulus reacts to the body, thereby regulating or recovering the functions of our body.

Heat stimulation from applying moxibustion affects the nervous systems and produce responses in the body.  It will have different effects, depending on the intensity, quantity, burning time, etc. It is difficult to control them. However, it may be useful to use sensitive zones. They are known to influence the movement of intestines and change in hormones.

Direct moxibustion produces minor burns on the skin.  A special protein produced by cell dissolution is absorbed and circulated in the blood.  It responds noticeably where there is any disorder, and then it expedites healings.

Moxibustion affects autonomic nervous system and secretion of hormones which help balance the body. Gastric ulcer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, neuralgia, etc tend to result from fatigue and stress. This is the result of imbalance in autonomic nervous system and secretion of hormones. Research shows that moxibustion is a good stimulus to relieve stress and fatigue.

Here are specific benefits from direct moxibustion.

1) It activates cell movement.  

The minimal unit of the human body is cells. The cells are as small as several microns, and they work as a life.  The skin, sinews, bones, nerves and vessels are all the collection of cells. When our body feels tired and sick, movement of each cell will become slow. For example, injuries, cerebral hemorrhage, stomach ulcer, and cancers will mean change in cells, in other words, destruction and transformation of cells.

When we apply moxibustion on these cells, we see tissue cells damaged temporarily.  However, they return to their original state once you have stopped application.  A protein is produced by moxibustion in the burn area. It circulates in the blood, and activates the cells or promotes regeneration by stimulating the weak cells. Even when we feel under the weather or lethargic, applying moxa cones will invigorate our cells and make our body feel light and energetic.  It can help expedite regenerating damaged tissues.  This can be seen in early healings of wounds and bone fractures. It helps activate movement of cells and invigorates our body.  It is highly useful for treatments and disease prevention as well.

Speech difficulty with hemiplegia

Speech difficulty with hemiplegia

Strokes may be the last one you may want to suffer from.  Dr Namsu Kim (Gudang) always emphasizes on prevention of illnesses by developing the habit of applying moxa on ourselves everyday. Through his long clinical experiences, he knows moxibustion prevents many different illnesses, especially strokes.  He also adds that strokes are difficult for patients as well as their families.

Here is the protocol from Huh Im for the condition of speech difficulty accompanied by hemiplegia.  

DU20 백회

Borderline of hair anterior to the ear  (presumably GB7 곡빈)

GB21 견정 

GB31 풍시

ST36 족삼리 

GB39 절골 

LI11 곡지 

LU8 열결 

LI4 합곡 

BL40 위중 

LV3 태충 

KI6 조해 

BL18 간유 

SJ6 지구 

PC5 간사 

* Depending on the condition, the above points can be omitted. Moxibustion should be applied on the acupuncture points on the unaffected side of the body.  

Mental emotional disorders 

Mental emotional disorders

It is hard to keep our emotion in balance in this busy life.  We get stressed out and burned out easily.  Here are the protocols from Sah-Ahm Acupuncture for mental emotional disorders.  

A) Heart fire:   + (KI10 음곡, HT3 소해)  – (LV1 대돈, HT9 소충), Dantian 단전

B) Liver fire:   + (KI10 음곡, SP2 대도)  – ( SJ6 지구, BL60 곤륜), RN12 중완

C) Small intestine fire: + (GB41 족임읍, SI3 후계) – (ST36 삼리, ST41 충양), RN12 중완 

+ : tonify

– : reduce

Cannot bend or open fingers?

Cannot bend or open fingers?

We can see the symptom in many diseases, such as stroke, muscle atrophy, and so on.  When you have any patients that cannot bend or open fingers and thumbs, you may want to try the prescription by Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s.

Acupuncture points 

LI 11 곡지

ST 36 족삼리

SJ 5 외관

SJ 6 지구

LI 4  합곡

RN 12  중완

Moxibustion points 

GB 39 현종

SJ 3 중저

the point, which is on the thumb, radial to the Interphalangeal joint, where the line ends, and at the border between the red and white flesh.

moxibustion finger pain acupuncture