How to treat speech difficulty with hemiplegia


Here is how to treat speech difficulty with hemiplegia. Strokes may be the last one you may want to suffer from.  Dr Namsu Kim (Gudang) always emphasizes on prevention of illnesses by developing the habit of applying moxa on ourselves everyday. Through his long clinical experiences, he knows moxibustion prevents many different illnesses, especially strokes.  He also adds that strokes are difficult for patients as well as their families.

Here is the protocol from Huh Im for the condition of speech difficulty accompanied by hemiplegia.  

DU20 ??

Borderline of hair anterior to the ear  (presumably GB7 ??)

GB21 ?? 

GB31 ??

ST36 ??? 

GB39 ?? 

LI11 ?? 

LU8 ?? 

LI4 ?? 

BL40 ?? 

LV3 ?? 

KI6 ?? 

BL18 ?? 

SJ6 ?? 

PC5 ?? 

* Depending on the condition, the above points can be omitted. Moxibustion should be applied on the acupuncture points on the unaffected side of the body.