Throat disorders

Throat disorders

Here are the protocols for throat disorders in Korea Four needle.

It would be helpful to use it based on the pattern differentiation.

1) Heat in the throat: Stomach damaged

SI5+, ST43-, SJ2-, SJ3-

2) Obstruction in the throat: Kidney damaged

LU8+, BL60-, SJ2-, SJ3-

3) one side pain in the throat: Liver damaged

KI10+, LI1-, SJ2-, SJ3-

4) two side pain in the throat: Heart damaged

LV1+, SJ2-, PC9-, SJ4-

Phlegm Heat

Phlegm Heat

It is said that Phlegm is the cause of all the diseases. There is no part of the body it cannot reach. It arises out of weak function of Spleen to transform and transport what we eat, thereby causing deficiency of Qi and Blood. It is said that spleen is only the manifestation. It is Kidney that is the root.

LV1 SP1 +

HT7 SP3 –

The above protocol is for phlegm heat in the system of Sah Ahm acupuncture. When I tested myself a couple of times, it melted stagnation in the middle Jiao and calmed shen as well. You may want to give it a try.



Panting with shortness of breath can be seen in asthma. Here is a protocol from Huh Im.  He recommended pulling down Qi by applying acupuncture at DU23 상성, LI4 합곡, KI3 태계, PC7 대릉, LU7 열결, and ST36 족삼리 with a long retention time.  

In Korea Four Needle technique (Sah Ahm), wheezing and shortness of breath arises out of heat in San Jiao and dampness accumulation in Stomach.  

The protocol is SJ2 액문, ST41해계 with tonifying method, and ST43 함곡, SJ3 중저 with reducing method, with addition of RN22 천돌 and Dan Tian 단전.