Panting with shortness of breath can be seen in asthma. Here is a protocol from Huh Im.  He recommended pulling down Qi by needling DU23 상성, LI4 합곡, KI3 태계, PC7 대릉, LU7 열결, and ST36 족삼리 with a long retention time.   In Korea Four Needle technique (Sah Ahm), wheezing and shortness of breath … Continue reading Panting

Pain relief  

I tried blood stasis protocol.  The points are +(SP3 태백, LU9 태연), - LI11 곡지.  For acute low back pain, I added SI3 후계.   Two consecutive sessions everyday relieved pain completely, in addition to normal range of motion.  The protocol seems to move blood and qi, thereby stopping pain.