New acupuncture approach

Pulse regulating acupuncture system

I had a great opportunity of improving pulse skills with Master Cliff Park in California. We shadowed him taking pulse and administering acupuncture needles on patients. I was able to compare my pulse taking with his, correcting what I was wrong about. I applied his pulse regulating acupuncture system on my patients, and it always turned out to be satisfactory.

His pulse taking is different from the traditional one we learn in school. It characterizes in feeling pressure on each position and decides which organs have weakness and excess. This is one of the deciding factors in selecting acupuncture points in the pulse regulating acupuncture system.

Pulse regulating acupuncure system
Master Cliff Park
Pulse regulating acupuncure system
Pulse regulating acupuncure system
I am taking pulse.
Pulse regulating acupuncure system
Members with Master Park


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