How does energy mechanism work in our body?

Four Movements

How energy mechanism works in our body?

How does the energy mechanism work in our body?

According to Neijing, everything with a life force has a qi or energy mechanism. The energy mechanism in our body consists of four movements. These are ascending, descending, exiting, and entering. The directions are inward, outward, upward, and downward.

Ascending and descending of energy mechanism

Ascending and descending take place inside the body. What ascends and descends is qi and blood circulating in the body. For homeostasis, ascending and descending should harmoniously take place. If qi and blood are only ascending, it could cause some disorders. This happens to people who live a sedentary lifestyle.

Exiting and entering of energy mechanism

Exiting and entering indicate the relationship of our body with the outside environment.

Food and air enter the body. When mixed, these become nutrients that turn into qi and blood in the body after going through organs. The qi and blood nourish and activate all parts of the body.

The waste is removed from the body through urination and bowel movement. Our body also reacts to the environment according to the temperature in the form of sweating.

Harmony in four movements

When the energy mechanism in our body works properly, we stay healthy. All creatures with life force experience four movements. The absence of four movements indicates no life force. Harmony in four movements means a healthy state.

What if the energy mechanism does not work correctly?

When the four movements do not work correctly in our bodies, we become sick. Lack of balance in the four movements results in many diseases in various parts of our body.

While we eat nutritious food, we should have good bowel movements and urination. We know that malfunction causes various disorders, not to mention psychological disorders.

Disharmony in upward and downward movements generates phlegm and water stagnation in the upper abdomen.


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