Fire Stagnation and Korean Four-Needle Saam

Taming the Inner Flame: Fire Stagnation with Korean Four-Needle Saam

Fire stagnation” refers to an energy imbalance characterized by symptoms like fatigue, ulcers, and discomfort throughout the body. This discomfort can manifest as bloating, pain, or stiffness in various areas, including the sides, abdomen, chest, back, head, and extremities. Other potential symptoms include vomiting, muscle twitching, bone pain, joint pain, diarrhea, sudden abdominal pain, bleeding, red eyes, and decreased sperm production. In extreme cases, individuals may experience depression, irritability, and even a death-like sensation.

Imagine a fire’s natural tendency to rise and flow. Now, imagine what can happen when it becomes stagnant.

For fire stagnation, one protocol within Korean four-needle (Saam) acupuncture involves tonifying Liver 8 (LV8) and Kidney 10 (KI10) while sedating Liver 1 (LV1) and Heart 9 (HT9). The water element in the Liver is believed to cool down the Liver and prevent it from supporting the Heart. The water element in the Kidney is believed to control the Heart. The Heart is nourished by its “mother” element, wood. Wood elements in LV1 and HT9 are sedated to prevent them from supporting the Heart. This approach aims to control the Heart by blocking its supportive channels.