The energy springs up from the frozen earth.

Wood element or movement

Energy at Mount Hood
View of Mount Hood from Mount Defiance summit

Five elements or movements consist of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. However, each element does not indicate the material itself. It instead represents energy and movement related to each element. Among them, wood represents the life force springing up from the frozen ground.

Energy springs up from the frozen ground.

The season of renewal and rebirth is upon us, and with it, the life force stored deep within the earth begins to stir, slowly emerging into the light of day. It slowly creeps forth, hidden beneath the frozen ground, waiting for the right moment to burst forth and bring life and color back to the world around it.

At this time of year, the energy of nature takes on a more physical form, as if to remind us that energy is still alive and well beneath the snow and ice. At this time, the plants and trees begin to bloom, their fresh colors providing a much-needed burst of energy to the world around them.

Wood indicates the energy or movement springing up from the frozen ground. Imagine that high pressure builds up underground in the winter. And then, the energy becomes released, with plants surfacing on the ground in the spring.

Any acupuncture point with wood elements can help move qi and blood. If you administer acupuncture in the flow direction of each meridian, this will move qi and blood.

In my treatments, I regulate pulses to bring the body and mind into harmony. When each pulse becomes harmonious, our body returns to its normal condition.