Do you want to restore your life force energy?

Life force energy

Do you want to restore your life force energy?

I searched Google using the keywords of restore life force energy and restore energy. To my great surprise, the former has 49,700,000 hits, and the latter has 2,040,000,000 hits. So many articles are available in the internet that you will never be able to read them all during your earthly life. No wonder that many people have strong interest in knowing about restoring their life force energy or restoring their energy.

What is life force energy?

Life force energy in our body consists of the energy you inherit from your parents, the energy we obtain from food and the energy you get from breathing in the clear air. The energy you receive from you parents keeps being depleted as you get older. It needs to be replenished constantly by the energy you get from food.

To have strong life force energy, we should abstain from exhausting ourselves mentally and physically. If we are depleted, it would take long time to recover life force energy. It would be wiser not to place yourself in the situation where you are depleted. Prevention should come first.

What we eat is what we are.

What we eat today becomes what we are tomorrow. This indicates significance in the foods we eat in our daily life.

Officials in ancient Korea collect good quality food items which grow in particular regions. They serve the good quality foods for kings and their family. We now eat better quality foods than the kings.

It is not what we eat, but how food sources are grown, that matters now. I have wondered how people living in the countryside stay healthy while eating meats frequently. It is a revelation that animals on grains contain high dosage of omega 6 in their meat, while those on plants contain omega 3 in their meat. Omega 6 is fatty acids that cause cardiovascular diseases. Omega 3 are good fatty acids that help you protect against cardiovascular diseases. The ideal ratio needs to be 1 to 1 between omega 6 and omega 3. However, most of the animals which we get meat from nowadays feed on grains, not plants. As we eat more meat, we end up having the ratio of 6 to 1 between omega 6 and omega 3. If we cannot afford plant-fed meat, we should avoid eating too much meat.


We tend to yearn for more and more life force energy. Some people take vitamins, probiotics, meditation, and so on. Everything will help get more life force energy. In my opinion, however, what it matters most is not to reach the point of burnout.

Burnout is the state of feeling exhausted or depleted mentally and physically. Once you find you reaching the level, it would take a great amount of time before you recover. This is a red flag which you should listen to. Many people forget to pay attention to what their body says.

Our body always tries to tell us in various manners about how they feel. They want to communicate with us, but we are too occupied to listen to their message. It is worthwhile to listen to your body in order to restore your life force energy.

Acupuncture and herbs

I always enjoy treating people with various disorders using acupuncture and herbal medicine, sometimes with moxibustion. I always ask them to consider changing their lifestyle. Lifestyle change includes regular exercise. Our body has a tendency to return to its previous state, when we do not change our lifestyle.

Korean acupuncture treatment
Herbal medicine

I also make it a rule to recommend all my patients that they visit once a month at least for maintenance, once their chief complaints are resolved. Some of my patients make regular visits once every three or four weeks for maintenance purpose.

Exercise is too important to skip everyday. However, exercise alone cannot resolve health issues. In addition to regular exercise, it is in your best interest to receive regular treatments using acupuncture, moxibustion or herbal medicine, whether you have any health issues or not. This is how we can restore our life force energy.

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