Benefits of Direct Moxibustion 3

Moxibustion benefit

Here are benefits of direction moxibustion. This continues from Benefits of Direct Moxibustion 2.

3) It changes the components of blood. 

Blood is fluid that flows into the vessel.  The microscope shows that blood corpuscles, such as white blood cell, red blood cell, and platelet, float in the plasma. The plasma consists of various nutrients, hormones and immune substances.

a) Red blood cell increase 

Research show that moxibustion significantly increases red blood cells after a few month application. Red blood cells, also called erythrocytes, have hemoglobin that can transport oxygen and carbon dioxide. Increased red blood cells mean increased capability to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide.  With more supplies in the tissues, their activities will become stronger, thereby improving health and strengthening resistance against diseases.  Moxibustion  can increase red blood cells, and it will be effective for those who are anemic or lacking in blood.

b) White blood cell increase 

White blood cells fight against intruders and kill them. When there is any inflammation, they are the first that shows up around the area.  Moxibustion can increase white blood cells, and it can be effective for any inflammations, such as sores, tonsillitis, eye inflammation, and so on.

c) Hemostasis

When blood touches air, it tends to become solid, which is called coagulation. Moxibustion can make coagulation faster.

d) Immunity 

We receive immune substances from our mothers, and vaccination is provided to supplement them.  Moxibustion can produce many immune substances.  Thus, moxibustion will be effective for disease prevention and resistance.

e) Prevention of Blood acidosis

Blood acidosis can have a detrimental effect on nervous systems, brain, bones, etc, which will put our life at risk.  Moxibustion can prevent blood acidification, thereby changing the constitution.