How to treat mental and emotional disorders

Mental emotional disorders

Here is how to treaet mental and emotional disorders using Korean four needle system. It is hard to keep our emotion in balance in this busy life.  We get stressed out and burned out easily.  Here are the protocols from Saam Korean four needle system to treat mental emotional disorders.  

A) Heart fire:   + (KI10 ??, HT3 ??)  – (LV1 ??, HT9 ??), Dantian ??

B) Liver fire:   + (KI10 ??, SP2 ??)  – ( SJ6 ??, BL60 ??), RN12 ??

C) Small intestine fire: + (GB41 ???, SI3 ??) – (ST36 ??, ST41 ??), RN12 ?? 

+ : tonify

– : reduce

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