Benefits of Direct Moxibustion 2

Moxibustion benefit

Here are benefits of direction moxibustion 2. This continues from Benefits of Direct Moxibustion 1.

2) It improves blood circulation.

Blood circulates in the body with heart being the center. It provides energy for the body to work by transporting oxygen from lung and nutrition from stomach to each organ. It also sends unnecessary substances and carbon dioxide to each excretory organs.  If there is something wrong with blood circulation, our body will not work somewhere in our body. Moxibustion can have a great effect on blood circulation. When you apply moxibustion, it will increase blood flow to the area.  If blood is collected and overflowing somewhere in the body, applying moxibustion somewhere distal to the area can lead to blood circulation in the affected area.

Moxibustion is effective in helping movement of the heart. It can improve the contracting force of the heart muscle and spurt blood out of the heart forcefully.  It can also expand capillaries in the extremities remote from the heart and improve blood circulation.  You may feel cold in your hands and feet due to poor blood circulation, or experience poor sleep, dizziness with dimming vision, or edema in your legs from being on your feet too long.  In the cases, if you apply moxibustion according to each condition, it will improve blood circulation and lead to faster relief of the condition.

In addition, moxibustion can promote circulation of lymph. Lymph nodes in neck, armpits and groin areas will protect our body against substances detrimental to our body and do detoxification as well. It will help transport the substances to the lymph nodes and promote detoxification.

Thus, moxibustion will strengthen heart and improve circulation of blood and lymph, thereby regulating circulation of our whole body. This is why it is effective for any disorders related to circulation.