Benefits of Direct moxibustion 1

Moxibustion benefit

I am happy to have a little time to translate benefits of direct moxibustion from Theory and Practicality of Moxibustion, written by Dr Namsoo Kim (Gudang). Since this is too long, there will be several blogs to continue in the future.  I hope this will be of some help for those who are interested in moxibustion.

Direct moxibustion is to burn mugwort wool on the skin and leave burns on it. This produces a histotoxin in the body.  Its chemical stimulus reacts to the body, thereby regulating or recovering the functions of our body.

Heat stimulation from applying moxibustion affects the nervous systems and produce responses in the body.  It will have different effects, depending on the intensity, quantity, burning time, etc. It is difficult to control them. However, it may be useful to use sensitive zones. They are known to influence the movement of intestines and change in hormones.

Direct moxibustion produces minor burns on the skin.  A special protein produced by cell dissolution is absorbed and circulated in the blood.  It responds noticeably where there is any disorder, and then it expedites healings.

Moxibustion affects autonomic nervous system and secretion of hormones which help balance the body. Gastric ulcer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, neuralgia, etc tend to result from fatigue and stress. This is the result of imbalance in autonomic nervous system and secretion of hormones. Research shows that moxibustion is a good stimulus to relieve stress and fatigue.

Here are specific benefits from direct moxibustion.

1) It activates cell movement.  

The minimal unit of the human body is cells. The cells are as small as several microns, and they work as a life.  The skin, sinews, bones, nerves and vessels are all the collection of cells. When our body feels tired and sick, movement of each cell will become slow. For example, injuries, cerebral hemorrhage, stomach ulcer, and cancers will mean change in cells, in other words, destruction and transformation of cells.

When we apply moxibustion on these cells, we see tissue cells damaged temporarily.  However, they return to their original state once you have stopped application.  A protein is produced by moxibustion in the burn area. It circulates in the blood, and activates the cells or promotes regeneration by stimulating the weak cells. Even when we feel under the weather or lethargic, applying moxa cones will invigorate our cells and make our body feel light and energetic.  It can help expedite regenerating damaged tissues.  This can be seen in early healings of wounds and bone fractures. It helps activate movement of cells and invigorates our body.  It is highly useful for treatments and disease prevention as well.