Unable to Bend or straighten your lower back

Lower back pain

You are unable to bend or straighten your back due to lower back pain. In the case, apply 7 moxa cones each at acupuncture points BL23, BL40 and migunggol.

Another way is to apply 3 moxa cones each at the four ends of both the popliteal creases. And then, blow them off so that they are extinguished at the same time. Each point should have moxa heat. Otherwise, it would not be healed.

The other way is make the patient stand straight on the ground. And then, measure the distance from the ground to the belly with a bamboo stick. Place the bamboo stick on the vertebrae. Apply number of moxa cones corresponding to the person’s age at the point where the end of the bamboo stick reaches. Then, hide the bamboo stick. Make sure that the patient does not know of it.

(Huh Im)

migunggol : one point is located in the median line, 1 cun proximal to the sacral bone, and the other two points are located 1 cun lateral to the median line.