Oppressive feeling in the chest and mid back: Jupi Dahuang Poxiao Tang

Chest pain

Herbal Medicine for Chest Pain:Jupi Dahuang Poxiao Tang

The 50-year-old woman patient complained of chest pain, which was oppressive pain in the chest and mid-back area. She said it happened after lunch and cold tea with her friends. She used to have the same conditions before.

A feeling of oppression set in her chest and mid-back as if a heavy weight were pressing down on her lungs. It was difficult to draw a breath, and when she did, it felt as if she were having stuck and heavy sensations.

She was reluctant to receive acupuncture treatment. Since her pulse felt too pressured. I applied needles at L1, T11, T9, T7, T6 and T5. I bled BL14 and 15. She felt slightly better, but she still complained of the feeling.

I prescribed her Jupi Dahuang Poxiao Tang: Jupi 6g, Dahuang 4g, and Mangxiao 4g. After taking just one portion, she started to feel relieved immediately. I asked her to complete taking the whole portion. I also prescribed her the same formula of three-day portions so that she will not develop the same condition in the future.

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to treat various ailments. There are many effective home remedies for chest pain. In some cases, herbal remedies can treat chest pain without the risk of side effects or drug interactions that come with prescription medications. The active compounds in many herbal formulas, such as Jupi, may also have the ability to reduce the severity or duration of chest pain.

Combined treatments using Korean acupuncture and herbal medicine can successfully treat various health conditions without side effects. This is a non-surgical intervention. It will be helpful to consider it before surgeries.