Traditional Eastern Medicine to boost energy in fighting against Post-covid

Chinese herbal medicine and covid
Chinese herbal medicine and covid

Covid 19

Traditional eastern herbal medicine effectively treats Covid symptoms since it can enhance the energy to fight against Covid. We are getting near the end of the tunnel in fighting against Covid-19. While more people become positive for Covid-19, they tend to recover from the symptoms of Covid-19 at home, even without any particular treatments. Now we can be a winner in treating the symptoms of Covid-19.

Coronavirus has been having tremendous effects on our daily life. It also reminds us that we should be thankful for seemingly trivial things like human contact, air, water, breathing, etc. Sadly, we never know what we feel like until we lose it.

Case study

Our body treating symptoms of Covid-19

Here is my case study for treating Covid-19. My son in Korea called me a week ago, telling me that he contracted Covid-19. He took the required vaccines, but the PCT test was positive for Covid-19. I did not worry much since I heard that people usually experienced minor cold symptoms and that they recovered soon.

I called him every night to see how he was doing. He sounded fine for the two days, except he had a high fever. He took western medications to bring down the fever. However, it went down just after the intake, but it went up again.

Chinese herbal medicine and Covid-19 draining energy.

Since the third day, I could hear his voice getting hoarse and losing strength. He even told me he wanted to hang up out of sleepiness. He fell asleep repeatedly. When I texted him to see how he was doing, it took him a couple of hours to reply. And when I responded, the following reply came in one or two hours. He kept falling deep into sleep with a lack of energy.

I decided that his beneficial energy would become weaker and weaker. Covid-19 was draining his energy and starting havoc on his existing strength. He felt so fragile that his body could not respond to Western medications. On the fourth day, I told his wife to get him to take xiao jian zhong tang granule, the traditional eastern herbal medicine I sent a few months ago. Herbal medicine just turned the table. The next day, he regained his energy enough to have phone conversations. The formula helped rekindle the diminishing energy in the body.

According to shang han lun, even when cold exterior pathogens invade our body, we must not use the herbal medicine ma huang tang if patients have a feeble and slow pulse. It is that beneficial qi is already getting depleted. The herbal medicine could make the remaining yang qi become drained. The book reads that we should use the herbal medicine xiao jian zhong tang.

Herbal medicine

Xiao Jian Zhong Tang

The herbal medicine consists of yi tang (maltosum), gui zhi (ram. cinnamomi), bai shao (rx. paeoniae alba), gan cao (rx. glycyrrhizae preparataz), sheng jiang (rz. zingiberis recons), and da zao (fr. jujube). All the herbs collaborate to harmonize the digestive system and boost your energy. The formula treats spasmodic abdominal pain that arises out of deficiency. It also treats bleeding, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, neurosis, fatigue, and poor appetite, resulting from deficiency.

Deeper stage of Covid-19 symptoms

Covid-19 is not a cold pathogen that invades our bodies. It is more of a febrile disease. What matters now is that his beneficial qi is too weak to fight against the pathogen. Moreover, the western medications may make him feel more fragile. It felt like he had entered Shoyin stage.

The principle of the Shaoyin stage is that the patient has a feeble and thin pulse and only desires to sleep. The feeble pulse indicates yang deficiency, and the thin pulse shows yin deficiency.

Boosting energy

Preserving beneficial qi is more important than evil qi. There is a simple fact: we die if we do not eat. A master of shang han lun in Korea said in his book that the best herbal medicine for cancers is xi quan da bu tang. His long clinical experience told us that our bodies cannot accept medicines when the patient is too weak. Before treating any diseases, he said we needed to boost our energy.

Another master of acupuncture and moxibustion in Korea, “Gudang,” focused on helping the patient eat better in his own acupuncture and moxibustion protocol. His protocol includes ST 36, Ren 12, LI 11, Ren 4, Ren 6, LI 4, Liv 3, BL 13, BL 43, BL 23, and so on. I treated many complex disorders successfully using his acupuncture and moxibustion protocol.

Korean acupuncture treatment

Preserve beneficial energy

We must remember that we are treating human beings, not a disease itself. If we look at the condition only, we will likely administer all kinds of medicines to strike the disease down. Then, what would happen to our bodies? We could weaken the body, which the disease has already damaged. We must emphasize that preserving beneficial energy should come first in treating conditions. Herbal medicine can play a significant role in treating side effects and sequelae from Covid-19.

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