Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis

Sleeping well is considered one of the three factors that lead to longevity in Korea. The other two are eating well and defecating well.  Those who have the three factors are said to enjoy longevity with no diseases.  We live in the world where many things can interfere with our good sleep.  These can be stress from work, overeating at night, wifi router in the room, and so on.  Poor sleep always leads to daytime drowsiness and low energy.  Applying scarring moxa cones at DU 20 will calm down your spirit and help you sleep better. 

We sometimes feel unable to move or speak while we are waking or falling asleep.  The harder we are trying to get out of it, the more difficult we feel it to do so.  It feels like we are trapped.  It also feels like our mind is alive, while our body is not.  Ancient people thought that evil spirits oppress people during sleep.  

Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s, prescribes acupuncture points for the sleep paralysis. 

SP 5  상구

SP 6  삼음교

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