I find being banned by reddit to be stimulating

I find being banned by reddit to be stimulating
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Getting banned is okay.

I became banned by Reddit yesterday after I wrote there. It did not make me feel bad at all. It was my fault since I did not read the guideline there. I was too lazy to read them all. As soon as I received the email from the group’s admin, I sent them my Thank-You reply. Being banned by Reddit is stimulating. When I received the banning email, I searched youtube to get familiar with Reddit. Youtube is an excellent place to visit when I need information. I get about 50% information from Youtube. Now I know what procedure to follow before writing on Reddit.

Premier League soccer games

My son gave me a Reddit link one day. One of my pastimes is watching Premier League soccer games. The games usually take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or Sundays. I never miss any of them. I am a great fan of Heungmin Son, a Tottenham Hotspur player. We have the same surname, but I spell it differently. I used to spell “Son” for my last name in the army. I changed it to “Sohn” since American soldiers kept calling me “Son” as if I had been their son. I plan to visit English to watch him play.

Feeling resistant to new things

The world has been changing so rapidly that I find it challenging and burdensome to catch up with. New things bring up resistance in me. This insinuates that I am getting old. I am less than ten years old only. I started all over again to count my age from 51. The first half of my life was complete. I keep pushing myself to venture into new things. This will stimulate my brain and make me learn new things as well.

by Kihyon Sohn

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