Gratitude to people around us

Gratitude to people working silently around us

We need to think more about how things like food, clothing, clean roads, and transportation get to us. We should take a moment to express gratitude to those who surround us and work silently every day. We may live our daily lives thanks to someone who toils away invisibly. We frequently take things for granted before we realize it, much like with air, which comes naturally to us. We will understand that we owe everything to our environment as soon as we take the time to ponder deeply.

For instance, consider hiking trails. Multiple groups cultivate and maintain the paths. The tracks would vanish and be difficult for us to follow without their efforts. We frequently neglect to express our gratitude for their unrequited service.

grateful people for Trails

In our daily lives, we generate massive amounts of waste. They are food trash, boxes from internet shopping, plastics from water bottles, etc. They will continue accumulating until someone takes the time to care for them. We should be careful of what we leave behind in our daily lives, such as eating, spending, etc.


We only get a little snow in Portland throughout the winter. I recall having too much snow a few years back. Schools had to be closed. The roads have become impassable. It put an end to our typical daily routine. We would have had a rough existence if someone had not plowed the snow and cleared the roads.

grateful people for snow plow
snow plow

Many people around us are willing to assist us when we need it. In an emergency, doctors take care of us. When we are in danger, police officers come to our aid. Bus drivers transport us to our destination. Supermarket employees are there to assist us in purchasing what we eat. We should not dismiss their labor and contributions simply because we have made our payment. We should feel gratitude for their efforts.

gratitude to supermarket employees
supermarket employee

People you see around you are reflections of yourself. It reflects who you are. What you observe influences your inner mind as well. Even if you live a joyful life, you cannot be happy if those around you are not.

We have a comfortable life because of the contributions or efforts of others. We should not lose our ability to express gratitude within ourselves.

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