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Practical acupuncture points by Gudang

Practical acupuncture points

Here are acupuncture points and indications that Gudang used frequently in his treatments.

Acupuncture point RN14 juque
Excessive acid in the stomach, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, weak grip in the hands, palpitation, heart pain, valvular disease of the heart, angina, inducing of vomiting, tiredness after eating.

Acupuncture point ST21 liangmen (Left)
Pancreas-related disorders, indigestion, fullness in the abdomen, gastric dilation
Gastrointestinal tract disorders (together with RN12 zhongwan and RN14 juque), anus related disorder (together with DU20 baihui and LU6 kongzhui)

Acupuncture point ST21 liangmen (Right)
Liver and gallbladder related disorders (together with RN12 zhongwan and RN14 juque)

Acupuncture point BL15 xinshu
Heart related disorders. Angina and cardiac infarction (together with T3 thru T6). 
Madness, vomiting, epilepsy, palpitation, heavy sensation in the head. 
Depression (together with ST25 tianshu and BL23 shenshu).
Malnourishment, difficulty breathing (together with BL13 feishu and BL17 geshu)
Heart failure, cardiasthma (T1 thru 4 instead of BL15 xinshu)

Acupuncture point RN17 shanzhong
Generating blood. thyroid disorders (together with  RN7 yinjiao). He finds that thyroid disorders are related to heart and ovary. 

Acupuncture point BL18 ganshu
Eye diseases, hemiplegia, facial nerve palsy, atrophy, lower back pain, hepatitis, other liver related disorders, uterine bleeding, medication side effects.

Acupuncture point DU14 dazhui
Nose bleeding, chronic fever, headache, eye diseases, shoulder pain.

Acupuncture point SP6 sanyinjiao
Genital disorders for men and women, uterine cancer, fibroids, painful period, infertility.

Acupuncture point BL17 geshu
Acid indigestion, gastric ulcer, blood related disorders, malnourishment.

Acupuncture point RN7 yinjiao
He believes that this is the point where the disease gathers when there are genital disorders to women. It is indicated for leucorrhea, irregular period, infertility, dampness in the testicles, thyroid disorders.

Acupuncture point ST24 huaroumen
Vomiting and diarrhea, stiff tongue
Malnourishment (together with RN12 zhongwan, RN14 juque and ST21 liangmen (Left).

Acupuncture point BL20 pishu
Diabetes, blood generation, endocrine disorders, dampness related skin disorders and arthritis, bleeding disorders,leukemia, aplastic anemia.

Acupuncture point ST25 tianshu
Kidney disorders (together with BL23)
Chronic diarrhea, skin disorders, lower back pain, depression.
Acupuncture point ST27 daju
Infertility, irregular period, ovaritis, breast tenderness.

Acupuncture point ST8 touwei
Vertigo, dizziness

Acupuncture point BL25 dachangshu
Stubborn skin disorders, lower back pain, leucorrhea, urine and bowel movement disorders.

Acupuncture point BL19 danshu
Gallbladder related disorders (together with ST21 liangmen Right)

Acupuncture point BL22 sanjiaoshu
Pulsation in the abdomen.

Acupuncture point BL21 weishu
Gastric ulcer, stomach cancer (together with BL50 weicang)

To treat various illnesses, the late master Gudang used moxa cones at the acupuncture points listed above. The outcomes were always satisfactory. I hope you will use acupuncture points effectively in your clinical settings.

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