What is direct moxibustion?

Direct moxibustion is a traditional form of treatment. It has been used in southeastern Asia for a few thousand years. We now use loose golden moxa cones. They are made out of dry mugwort. We apply moxa cones at acupuncture points or local points. And then, our body heals the wound itself.

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In ancient times, moxa cones caused pus or suppuration. At that time, they tended to apply bigger moxa cones. In addition, people believed that treatments did not work well without sores. Therefore, they intended to cause suppuration to produce therapeutic effects. According to studies, however, a rice grain or half a rice grain size of moxa cones can also produce good therapeutic effects. They do not cause discomfort. As a result, the modern method does not cause much pus. It may leave some tiny scars if you continue to apply for a long, though.

Moxibustion Benefits

According to Dr Namsoo Kim (Gudang), an authority on direct moxibustion, it helps boost your energy and restore your natural healing power.  However, people may feel differently, depending on their strength inside.  Some will respond fast, and others will do slowly.

Many people may benefit from moxibustion treatments. For example, when people receive chemotherapy treatments for cancers, the immune systems may be compromised. Studies show that moxibustion increase red blood cells and white blood cells. Therefore, people can continue to receive chemotherapy treatments.

Especially, when medical expenses are high, you may want to use moxibustion as a preventive medicine. Certainly, you will benefit from daily application on a regular basis.

Dr Kihyon Sohn, licensed acupuncturist in Portland, is a moxibustion expert. He enjoys providing holistic treatments with acupuncture or moxibustion.

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