Is moxibustion free from harm?

Moxibustion safety

Many people ask whether moxibustion is free from harm. Naturally, people bring up the question of moxibustion safety. It would be like asking whether the car is safe.  If the vehicle is driven by a good driver, people in the car would feel comfortable, and there would be no accidents. If an unskilled driver drives the vehicle, people in the car would feel risky and uncomfortable. In worse cases there might be accidents involved.  The good thing is that anyone can learn to become a good driver with proper training that will include rules to follow.
Moxibustion safety

Combining acupuncture and moxibustion

Anyone could learn to become a good moxa specialist with proper training.  Patients treated by a good moxa specialist will experience good moxibustion benefits. I regret that only a few practitioners know how effective combining acupuncture and scarring moxibustion can be.

The safety issue may arise from patients’ need to clarify moxibustion and practitioners’ lack of experience. Moxibustion is free from harm, but patients should understand it, while practitioners should have sufficient experience.

What is moxibustion?

Scarring moxibustion is a modality that burns moxa cones of different sizes made out of mugwort on the skin.  In the past, People preferred moxa cones as big as a thumb.   We use moxa cones of half a rice grain or a rice grain size nowadays.

The late Namsoo Kim (Gudang)

Dr. Namsoo Kim (Gudang), an authority on scarring moxibustion, says that moxa cones of a rice grain size work the best.  Bigger-sized cones make too big scars and longtime suppurations, which may cause discomfort.  Moxa cones of a rice grain size will produce mild heat and stimulation, leave tiny scars, and possibly slight suppuration.  Some patients may experience blisters.  It results from too much pressure used in rolling moxa cones.  It could happen depending on the constitutions of the patients.

Interestingly, as blisters disappear, there is a tendency for the condition of the patients to make excellent improvements.  With repeated application of moxa cones, scabs will form on the skin and come off naturally.  Research shows that the immune system improves in the process.

Patients need a complete understanding.

You must explain to the patient what you will do with moxibustion.  They should understand benefits of moxibustion and possible scars from it. 

You should demonstrate burning moxa cones on your body for their better understanding.  To this end, you should develop good rolling cone skills without any difficulty.   In addition to the rolling skill, when you burn the cones, each burning should be done at an identical interval, meeting their expectation of the next cone coming along and providing them with more relaxation.

When you brief them about the details of scarring moxibustion, most patients accept it and express thanks for adding it to the acupuncture treatments.

Moxibustion is free from harm.

Among the merits of scarring moxibustion is that anyone can quickly learn the technique.  The material is inexpensive and affordable.  People can use it as a home therapy.  Patients can relieve themselves of their sufferings sooner.  This is why scarring moxibustion has enjoyed popularity as a home therapy in Asian countries.

It may not be easy to accept scarring moxibustion in the first beginning.   It may be an excellent solution for surging medical expense, promoting wellness, and preventing disease. Moxibustion is free from harm.