Moxibustion in Shanghan Lun as a first aid kit in ancient times

Shanghan Lun contains several lines on moxibustion. The book of Shanghan Lun suggests that moxibustion was used as a first aid kit in ancient times.

Moxibustion as a first aid kit

Moxibustion appears in Shaoyin and Jueyin stages in Shanghan Lun. Yang energy decreases and various cold symptoms appear as the stages progress. It can be seen in the principle of Shaoyin, which is feeble and thin pulses only with a longing for sleep.

Kidney provides yang qi to all five zang and six fu organs. Vomiting and diarrhea suggest that the Kidney has turns cold. When the yang energy in the kidneys is diminished, the other organs can become cold.
Pulses represent the body’s life force energy. When the pulse is not felt, it indicates that the body’s life force energy is being drained. There isn’t much time to prepare herbs in this scenario. Moxa cones must be burned immediately. This will increase yang energy and get the pulses going again.

Lines on moxibustion in Shanghan Lun

Here are the lines on moxibustion in Shanghan Lun.

Line 306

If hands and feet are warm and not cold, Shaoyin disease’s vomiting and diarrhea won’t result in death. When no pulse is felt, seven moxa cones are burned on Shaoyin.

Line 318

Moxibustion must be burned when there is aversion to cold on the back and the mouth is not dry one or two days after suffering Shaoyin diseases. Fuzi Tang can treat this.

Line 339

The upper body must be warmed up with moxibustion to treat Shaoyin diseases, which include diarrhea, weak and choppy pulses, vomiting, sweating, and frequent bowel movements with scanty volume.

Line 357

Moxibustion must be burned on Jueyin for feeble pulses, cold hands and feet, and irritation on the sixth or seventh day of cold damage. Failure to treat cold symptoms will result in death.

Line 363

Moxibustion is possible when there are rapid pulses and cold hands and feet.

Line 376

Moxibustion fails to warm up the body and pulses fail to return with a little panting when treating diarrhea, cold hands and feet, and no pulses. This will lead to death.

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