Treatment of Sequelae of Breast Cancer with Scarring Moxibustion

Case Study: Breast Cancer

This is an exerpt from the book, ????? (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion), written by Dr Namsu Kim.

  • Patient:  49 years old female
  • Disease name:  Breast Cancer, terminal stage. metastasis to bones and liver
  • Onset:  Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. Fighting against the cancer for 14 years.  Five chemotherapy treatments after surgery.  One radiation treatment.
  • First visit:  June 2013

The patient presented with severe degrees of anemia and edema, frequent fatigue and low energy.  She had to receive blood transfusion during chemotherapy treatments, due to low hemoglobin.

When she first visited the clinic, the readings of white blood cell, red blood cell, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelet were a lot lower than the normal ranges.  The readings returned to the normal ranges after three months of treatments and self moxa care.  During the questionnaire, she confirmed that she was completely cured, and that she experienced benefit from scarring moxibustion treatments.

  • Acupuncture prescription:  basic acu protocol + DU3, BL23, BL22, BL18, BL17, SP9, SP10, ST27, RN7, RN14, ST1(L), Ashi points
  • Moxibustion prescription: basic moxa protocol + DU3, BL23, BL22, BL18, BL17, RN7, ST21(L), RN14
  • The patient received two treatments from the clinic.  She was receiving self moxa care everyday for seven months.