Pig heart transplant and different personality in the recipient

Can a heart transplant change personality?

Soul and emotion

Can heart transplant change personality?

Today, I read a news article that a man became the first recipient of a pig heart in history. It made me wonder whether the recipient of the pig heart shows a different personality. How do his body and mind respond to the transplant with pig heart in his daily life?

It is no secret any longer that each organ in the body is home to the soul and the mind of the owner. The body is the home of the person, the host, and the original owner, but it is never the home of the soul or the mind.

Some articles show that the recipient’s personality has changed similarly to the donor’s since the transplant. The recipient experiences a change in soul and emotions after the transplant.

Organs contain souls

In east Asian medicine, each organ contains its soul and emotion. The lung comprises po (corporeal soul) and grief. The liver has hun (ethereal soul) and anger. The kidney contains zhi (will) and fear. The spleen contains yi (intent) and pensiveness. The heart comprises shen (spirit) and joy.

People in ancient China associated five animals with five organs. They associated a dog with liver, horse with heart, cow with spleen, lung with chicken and pig with the kidney.

In Korean folk medicine, people used pigs for detoxification. Someone becomes bitten by a poisonous snake and loses consciousness with swelling. Town people open a pig’s abdomen, remove all organs from the pig and place the person into the pig. The person would go to hospital nowadays.

Knowing how pork reacts in our body after we eat is surprising. It tonifies the kidney and liver and sedates the spleen. You may want to feel your pulse after eating pork.