Treating frostbite with moxibustion

How to treat frostbite with moxibustion

Frostbite, also known as freezing injury, is caused by freezing skin and underlying tissues. The earliest stage of frostbite, known as frostnip, causes no permanent damage to the skin. The severity of frostbite is determined by the extent of freezing in the skin tissues, with the deepest tissues causing the most tremendous damage. The deeper the tissues freeze, the more blood vessels and nerves are affected, which causes the tissues to become numb.

Yin yang transformation

We all know what frostbite is.  Here is how to treat frostbite with moxibustion.

Have you seen frostbitten fingers or toes that become dark black in the worst case?  As we learn from Yin and Yang transformation, extreme cold turns into heat. There is a similar example.  MIT succeeded in freezing water at boiling temperature.  Isn’t it interesting?

How to treat frostbite

When you have toes affected, apply moxa cones on the area.  The area feels different from the normal area. Moxibustion helps circulate blood and qi energy in the area.

When you feel normal in the affected area, please be aware that the body remembers the wounds.  The different sensations in the site can be felt when the weather becomes cold.  Then, applying one or two cones would relieve you of the feeling.  This is from my personal experience.  I had seven or eight toes frostbitten more than ten years ago. Some of them turned dark black.  They all function well, except for slow growth in the affected toes.

One famous Korean doctor, Ilhoon Kim, recommended burning moxa cones on the dark black area until they become scorched. He took advantage of Yin and Yang transformation.  I did not have to try this far, fortunately.  

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