How to treat epilepsy

How to treat epilepsy


  • Here is how to treat epilepsy. Apply 7 moxa cones each at acupuncture points DU20 (??) and DU24 (??), 3 moxa cones at Guian*, 30 moxa cones each at LI5 (??) and PC5 (??), 100 moxa cones each at HT7 (??) and BL15 (??), 100 moxa cones at BL13 (??), and moxa cones at LI11 (??). Also, apply moxa cones at BL62, (??) LU5 (??) and LV3 (??).
  • Another way is to apply 3 x 7 moxa cones at the center where urine comes out in the genital. Burn the moxa cones, and then pray in sorrow, which will make a difference. Regardless of men or women, apply 7 x 7 moxa cones if it is serious, and apply 5 or 7 moxa cones if it is mild.
  • Also, apply 7 moxa cones each at Dokeum** and at the crease of the big toe on the bottom of the foot.

(Huh Im)

* guian: have the patient raise the shoulder and turn the body backwards. This makes two depressions at the waist.

* dokeum: on the bottom of the foot, on the second toe, in the middle of the crease between distal phalanx and middle phalanx.