Difficulty with free flow in your body

Difficulty with urination and bowel movement

Our body looks like a long tube. We eat through the upper end, and the waste leaves our body through the lower end. There should be no blockage. With blockage, it could cause even mental and emotional diseases.

Here are acupuncture points for the condition of no bowel movement and no urination.

  • Apply 3 moxa cones on BL 28 (Bladder Shu), 2 x 7 moxa cones on Dantien, 50 moxa cones on Pomun*, 3 moxa cones on Youngchoong**, 100 moxa cones on Gyeongjoong***, and 3 moxa cones on BL25 (Large Intestine Back Shu).

* Pomun: on the left lower abdomen, three cun inferior to the center of the umbilicus, two cun lateral to the anterior median line (RN 4). It treats infertility. You can apply 50 moxa cones.

** Youngchoong: on the medial aspect of the foot, in two depressions inferior to the prominence of medial malleolus, divided by posterior tibialis tendon. It treats leucorrhea and difficulty urinating. You can apply 30 moxa cones.

*** Gyeongjoong: on the lower abdomen, one cun inferior to the center of the umbilicus, three cun lateral to the anterior median line. You can apply 100 moxa cones.

(Huh Im)