How to treat knotted lumps

How to treat knotted lumps

Knotted lumps

Here is how to treat knotted lumps. There are knotted lumps under the belly as if a bowl were upside down. In the case, apply moxa cones at the following acupuncture points.

  • 30 moxa cones at acupuncture points RN4 (??) and PC5 (??),
  • 3 moxa cones each at acupuncture points LV3 (??), KI3 (??) and SP6 (???),
  • the number of moxa cones corresponding to the person’s age at BL23 (??),
  • and 5 moxa cones at Dokeum*.

* dokeum: on the bottom of the foot, on the second toe, in the middle of the crease between distal phalanx and middle phalanx.

(Huh Im)

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