Bloody Bowel Movement

Bloody Bowel Movement and Severe Constipation: Natural Laxative Herbs

Dr. Sohn provides natural herbal medicine for constipation in Beaverton, Oregon. The patient experienced complete relief thanks to the natural laxative herbs.

A woman patient of around 40 years age visited us for bloody bowel movement, constipation, bloating, hair loss, and infertility. The chief complaints began about six months ago after the myomectomy, surgical removal of uterine fibroids. When she had bowel movement, it was with dark blood. In addition, she was gassy and bloated after meals. She always had to leave her belt loose due to severe bloating. She tried various Western medications, including laxatives and magnesium, but she failed to have bowel movement. 

Laxative herbs

Her hair started to fall in chunks about a few weeks ago. She developed back pain right after each meal, in addition to bloating. She had cold feet. 

She denied having chest problems and sleep difficulties. Her emotions are bad-tempered and worried. She had frequent urination. 

She had had a profuse amount of menstruation, but she began to have scanty menstruation after the surgery. 

Her subjective feeling of temperature is running heated. 

Her tongue showed cracks in the middle, teeth marks on the sides, and slightly dried. 

Abdominal palpation showed tenderness in both hypochondriac areas, upper stomach region, and left inguinal region. 

l prescribed da chai hu tang, based on symptoms including abdominal presentation. The formula da chai hu tang consists of the following herbs. 

  • chai hu 12g
  • ban xia 12
  • sheng jiang 10
  • zhi shi 6
  • da zao 6
  • huang qin 6
  • bai shao 6
  • da huang 3

Da Chai Hu Tang: Natural Laxatives

Da chai tang contains four formulas: xiao chai hu tang, si ni san, sheng jiang xie xin tang, xiao cheng qi tang. 

  • xiao chai hu tang: chai hu, huang qin, ban xia, sheng jiang, da zao (- ren shen, gan cao)
  • si ni san: chai hu, bai xiao, zhi shi (-gan cao)
  • sheng jiang xie xin tang: ban xia, huang qin, ren shen, sheng jiang, da zao (-gan cao, gan jiang, huang lian)
  • xiao cheng qi tang: da huang, zhi shi (-hou po)

chai hu + huang qin: resolve hypochondriac tension by resolving inflammation in shao yang meridian. 

zhi shi, bai shao, da huang: activate peristalsis in intestines and resolve abdominal bloating and constipation. 

ban xia, huang qin, zhi shi, sheng jiang: resolve food-related accumulation and treat indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. 

After six weeks of treatment with herbal medicine granules and acupuncture, she had no bloody bowel movement and had regular bowel movements without gas or bloating. Thanks to the natural laxative herbs, Her hair loss and other symptoms disappeared. She plans on pregnancy. Now she comes back once a month for maintenance. 

The patient called me about a month later with the good news of her pregnancy. The natural herbal laxative helped recover her full condition, enabling her to become pregnant.

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