Treatment of Infertility with Scarring Moxibustion

This is an exerpt from the book, ????? (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion), written by Dr Namsu Kim.  In the book, he evaluated 30 infertility patients he treated in 2008.  Among them, 17 patients succeeded in giving birth to babies, 7 patients failed, and 6 patients were out of reach.

  • Age 30 – 35        7 patients     success 4      fail 1        out of reach 2
  • Age 36 – 40       17 patients    success 10    fail 4        out of reach 3
  • Age 41 – 45         6 patients     success 3      fail 2        out of reach 1

As for pattern differentiation for the 17 patients who succeeded in giving birth, 5 patients had Kidney deficiency, 7 patients Liver Qi Stagnation, 3 patients blood stasis, and 2 patients damp phlegm.


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