“Facial Skin problem “

I have been to this place twice. I went in because my face was a disaster. It was dry, and there was redness showing. But, my first time going, Doctor Sohn was friendly and helping me with what needs to be helped with. I got acupunctures done and I already felt better! Before going into my second appointment, you can already tell a difference. The problem was with the foods that I was eating. A lot of the foods that I eat have dairy in it and have noticed that it is not right for me. So I stopped and it really helped. When I went in the second time, Doctor Sohn had noticed that I had gotten a lot better within the two weeks. I got prescribed herb medicine and currently taking it. I am feeling a lot better than before and really recommend for those that might be having health issues. If you don’t want to get prescribed steroids from a hospital but, want something natural, I really recommend going to a herb doctor like Doctor Sohn.