How to prevent stroke 

Stroke prevention

Here is how to prevent stroke. 

All kinds of wind and shaking belong to Liver Wood. The twisted mouth is due to unbalanced upright qi, which is related to too much drinking, excessive sexual activity, and unbalanced diet. 

Obese people retain much moisture, while lean people retain much fire.  Before people develop strokes, they tend to experience aching, painful and numbing sensation, which is relieved after a long care. This is the symptom of forthcoming strokes. You should immediately apply three moxa cones at acupuncture points ST36 ??? and GB39 ?? bilaterally.   And then, you should have the moxa points washed with decoction of peppermint tree, peach tree and willow tree, and let them suppurate.  

If the condition becomes better in spring, you should apply moxa in autumn again. If it does in autumn, you should do it in spring again. After applying moxa, you should avoid raw fish, cold food, chicken, pork, alcohol, noodle, and sexual activity. You should be careful of exposure to wind and getting angry. If you do not avoid this, even ghost would not save you. 

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