We are all nearing the end of our journey slowly while we live our daily lives.  It suddenly came to my mind how we should leave the planet well with no pain, and with love and gratitude.  

Many people live longer lives, compared with those who lived a hundred years ago. However, it seems that some aging people sustain their lives in bed with endurance of pain and dependency on medications.

We know that many patients seek acupuncture for pain relief since medications do not work. Scarring moxibustion works pretty well as a pain reliever as well, in addition to improvement in sufficient energy to fight back against anything.

If you know of anyone lying in bed, but they cannot afford any treatments, you might want to consider training them about how to apply Moxa cones themselves at home.  We all have the right to live without pain.  Our mission is to help relieve them of pain and regain their health.