Insects crawling over the skin?

Crawling sensation

Treating the Creepy Crawlies: An Ancient Prescription for Formication

Have your patients ever described the unsettling sensation of insects crawling beneath their skin, accompanied by an unrelenting itch? This uncomfortable phenomenon, known as formication, can be a distressing symptom of various underlying conditions.

If you’re looking for alternative or complementary treatment options for patients with formication, consider this fascinating historical prescription from Huh Im, a renowned Korean physician from the 17th century. This approach utilizes the principles of Traditional Asian Medicine, integrating acupuncture and moxibustion to address the imbalance causing the crawling sensations.

Here’s the prescription in action:

  • Moxibustion: Apply seven moxa cones to the prominence of the olecranon located at the tip of the elbow. Moxibustion involves gently burning dried mugwort, generating heat that stimulates acupoints and promotes energy flow.
  • Acupuncture: Insert needles at specific acupoints
    • LI 11: Located on the elbow crease, this point relieves itching and promotes skin health.
    • HT 7: Situated on the wrist, this point targets internal heat and restlessness, contributing to formication.
    • LI 4: Positioned between the thumb and index finger, this point addresses pain and discomfort often associated with formication.
    • SP 6: Found on the inner leg, this strengthens digestion and spleen function, influencing skin health and energy flow.