Du20 acupuncture point and calming effect

Du 20

Du20 Du 20 acupuncture point calming effect

Psychological effect of Du 20 acupuncture point

I had a good laugh when I heard a psychologist referring his patients to an acupuncturist.  He said he referred his patients to him when his medications did not work.  In the clinic, the acupuncturist applied direct moxa on Du20 alone.  They said it worked very well.  

According to Dr Namsu Kim in his book “Theory and Practicality of Moxibustion,” Du20 is indicated for hypertension, insomnia, forgetfulness, mental and emotional diseases, headache, hemorrhoid, rhinorrhea, etc.

I wrote an article about how to do moxa at Du20 on your own before.  You may want to read about it.

How to apply moxa at Du20 on your own

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