Difficulty Swallowing Relief in Beaverton with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Beyond the Choke Point: Acupuncture and Herbs Offer Hope for Difficulty Swallowing in Beaverton, Oregon

Difficulty swallowing treatment in Beaverton with acupuncture and herbal medicine

Difficulty swallowing, or dysphagia, can feel like a constant hurdle, turning every meal into a struggle. While conventional treatments exist, many Oregonians are turning to alternative approaches like acupuncture and herbal medicine for relief. Dr. Kihyon Sohn, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Beaverton, Oregon, sees firsthand the positive impact of traditional Asian medicine on dysphagia patients.

Understanding Dysphagia: A Complex Web of Causes

Dysphagia can be triggered by various factors, from neurological conditions like stroke and Parkinson’s to structural issues in the esophagus. It can also stem from head and neck cancers or even psychological anxieties. Dr. Sohn emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach, considering each patient’s case’s physical, emotional, and energetic components.

“In traditional Asian medicine,” Dr. Sohn explains, “dysphagia isn’t just about a physical blockage. It often reflects an imbalance in the body’s energy flow, known as Qi. We aim to restore harmony within the system, promoting smoother swallowing and overall well-being.”

Acupuncture: Unblocking the Flow of Qi

Acupuncture, the practice of inserting fine needles into specific points on the body, plays a key role in Dr. Sohn’s dysphagia treatment plans. He aims to regulate Qi flow, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function in the throat and esophagus by stimulating these points.

“One patient,” Dr. Sohn recalls, “had dysphagia due to anxiety and esophageal spasms. After several acupuncture sessions and herbal medicine, she reported feeling calmer and swallowing with less difficulty. Seeing the emotional and physical improvements go hand-in-hand was truly rewarding.”

Herbal Remedies: Nature’s Symphony for Swallowing

Dr. Sohn complements acupuncture with personalized herbal formulas tailored to each patient’s needs. These formulas may include herbs like licorice root for soothing inflammation, ginger for promoting digestion, and ginseng for boosting energy and immune function.

“A patient with post-stroke dysphagia,” Dr. Sohn shares, “experienced significant improvement after incorporating a gentle herbal decoction into his treatment plan. He regained the confidence to eat and socialize, which profoundly impacted his quality of life.”

The Journey to Easier Swallowing: A Collaborative Effort

It’s important to remember that while acupuncture and herbal medicine can offer significant relief for dysphagia, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Working with conventional medical professionals is crucial for comprehensive care and monitoring.

Dr. Sohn emphasizes the importance of open communication with his patients and their healthcare teams. “Collaboration is key,” he says. “By working together, we can develop a treatment plan that addresses the root causes of dysphagia and empowers patients to reclaim their joy of eating.”

Finding Hope in Beaverton: Dr. Sohn’s Expertise at Your Service

If you or someone you know struggles with dysphagia, Dr. Kihyon Sohn’s practice in Beaverton, Oregon, offers a beacon of hope. With his holistic approach and expertise in traditional Asian medicine, Dr. Sohn can help you navigate the path toward easier swallowing and improved well-being.

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