How to treat constipation and vomiting 

Constipation and nausea

Here is how to treat constipation and vomiting. Constipation is blockage that happens in the lower part, while vomiting is the one that happens in the upper part.  These two symptoms can happen at the same time.

According to Dr Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s, vomiting happens when rebellion of yin qi cannot be controlled by yang qi.  It is said that a human body is like a tube with two openings.  Any blockage of one opening may affect the other opening.  It is common that stroke patients have chronic constipation.  When I google constipation and vomiting, there are many people who inquired about it.  

Huh Im prescribes acupuncture points for constipation and vomiting.  

LI 4 ?? 

LV 3 ?? 

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