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Common problems in the ears


ear ringing
ear ringing

Tinnitus is typically described as a ringing in the ears, although other individuals perceive it as a roaring, clicking, hissing, or buzzing. Ear ringing might be mild or loud, and it could impact both or simply one of your ears. It’s a small irritation for others. For others, it can disrupt sleep and become a source of mental and emotional distress.

Here is how to treat ringing in the ears. Huh Im advised using 30 moxa cones at acupuncture point BL15 when you can’t hear noises from far away due to ringing in the ears.


Hearing loss

hearing loss
hearing loss

Hearing loss is a frequent condition caused by noise, aging, disease, and inheritance. For people who have hearing loss, communicating with friends and family may be challenging. They may also struggle to understand a doctor’s advice, respond to warnings, and hear doorbells and sirens.

Hearing loss affects one in every three adults aged 65 to 74, and nearly half of those over 75. However, some people may be unwilling to confess they have hearing loss.

Here’s how you regain your hearing. Acupuncture should be applied at DU20 first, followed by LI4, SI4, SJ3, SI3, ST36, GB39, and BL60 with a lengthy retention time.

At BL23, apply 2 x 7 moxa cones or up to the number of moxa cones equal to the person’s age.

Abnormal physical weakness and hearing loss

Hearing loss does not occur overnight. It is the consequence of a cumulative effect in the body, which we are unaware of until we get ill. Hearing loss occurs most often when our bodies grow feeble. The ear is associated with the kidney in Eastern Asian medicine. The kidney is our body’s energy source. It manifests in the ear when it becomes weak.

Here is how to treat abnormal physical weakness, loss of hearing and extreme thinness. Dr. Huh Im advises applying 3 x 7 moxa cones at acupuncture point BL23, and 30 moxa cones at BL15.

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