Case study: Treatment of Sequelae of Colon Cancer with Direct Scarring Moxibustion

Case study: Colon Cancer

This is an exerpt fom ????? (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion), written by Dr Namsu Kim.

  • Patient: 64 years old female, housewife
  • Disease name: Colon Cancer, Stage 4
  • Onset: cancer surgeries in 2009. metastasis to lymph nodes and lung after the surgeries. received 32 radiation treatments and 16 chemotherapy treatments.
  • First visit: December 2, 2013

The patient was diagnosed with colon cancer and received two surgeries.  The patient received 16 chemotherapy treatments and 32 radiation treatments after the surgeries.  The patient suffered from insomnia, poor digestion, vomiting, fatigue, hair loss, etc.  The patient reported that number of cancer cells increased during the anticancer treatments.  While she was receiving moxa treatments, the patient was told that the physical checkup showed decrease in the activity of cancer cells.  The patient came to know about ????? (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion) at a cancer education camp.  The patient was having self moxa care for about two years when she first visited the clinic.  After the treatments at the clinic, the patient found her hair loss to stop and turn into black.  The patient reported that her overall condtion became significantly better and lived a lively life.

  • Acupuncture points:  basic acupoint protocol + BL23, DU3, T4/5/6 (ashi points), DU14, ST25 and RN14
  • Moxa points: basic moxa protocol + BL23, DU3, T4/5/6 (ashi points), DU14, ST25 and RN14