Case study 3: Treatment of Infertility with Scarring Moxibustion

Case study 3: Infertility

This is an exerpt from the book, ????? (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion), written by Dr Namsu Kim.

The case is associated with infertility due to blood stasis.

The patient was a 38 year-old female who was married for five years.  She did not use any birth control, but she could not become pregnant for two years.  Her physical checkup found a fibroid which was removed with surgery.  She could not become pregnant for three years since then.  She presented with cold hands and feet, and irregular menstruation.  Her menstruation was usually delayed.  She experienced severe menstrual cramps during the period, and before and after menstruation, in addition to blood clots.  She also complained of dull pain and distending sensation under the belly, and numbness on the upper back and lower back.  Her tongue showed purple dots, and the pulse was thin choppy.

  • Acupuncture prescription: basic acu protocol + SP9, BL32, BL17, SP10
  • Moxibustion prescription: basic moxa protocol + RN14, ST27, SP6, BL18

She had received self moxa care at home since Sept 2008, and she also received treatments from her western medicine doctor.  She became pregnant with success in her second trial of the test tube.  She was in her week five pregnancy in April 2009.

Since blood stasis was attributable to lack of circulation, RN14, BL18, BL17 and SP10 were selected to generate and invigorate blood.