Case Study 1 (Liver cancer)

Case study 1: Liver cancer

The case study is an excerpt from the book, ????? (Infinite Nourishing Moxibustion).

  • Patient:  54 years, Male
  • Disease name:  Liver cancer
  • Patient’s occupation:  Journalist
  • Etiology:  Liver cirrhosis and cancer due to hepatitis B
  • Onset:  Liver cancer surgery on Jan 2012
  • First visit:  Feb 13, 2013

He had two tumors size of 3.5cm removed, and hepatitis B was to blame for the tumors.  He did not receive any anticancer treatments.  Instead, he took care of himself with moxibustion at a temple in Gangwon provence, Korea.  The reason for his first visit was to have accurate moxa points marked on himself.  He reported that before receiving self moxa care, he used to experience palpitation, frequent wakeup, and frequent nose bleeding.  He experienced so severe fatigue and itchiness that his doctor recommended he receive liver transplant immediately.  After he received acumoxa treatments from the clinic, his regular checkup confirmed that he did not have any need for liver transplant, AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein), tumor marker, came down to the normal range, and that cirrhosis did not become worse.  He returned to his work position as journalist, which he had to quit due to the cancer.

  • Acupuncture prescription: basic protocol + DU3, BL23, BL18, ST21(R), RN10
  • Moxa prescription: basic protocol + DU3, BL23, BL18, ST21(R), RN10
  • He received three treatments.  Since then, he had been having self moxa care himself everyday for a year.