How to treat trigger finger

Finger stiffness

Here is how to treat the trigger finger. We can see the symptoms in many diseases, such as stroke, muscle atrophy, etc.  When you have any patients who cannot bend or open fingers and thumbs, try the prescription by Huh Im, a Korean doctor in the 1600s.

Acupuncture points 

LI 11 (곡지)

ST 36 (하삼리)

SJ 5 (외관)

SJ 6 (지구)

LI 4  (합곡)

RN 12  (중완)

Burn one moxa cone each at the following moxibustion points 

GB 39 (절골)

SJ 3 (중저)

The point on the thumb, radial to the Interphalangeal joint, where the line ends, and at the border between the red and white flesh as shown below in the photo.

moxibustion finger pain acupuncture
an extraordinary point

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