How to treat athlete’s foot 

Athlete’s Foot

When you develop athlete’s foot, it is really pain in the neck.  Even if you are not an athlete, you get it from somewhere.  It is very annoying and resilient.  It becomes extremely itchy especially in the summer. Here is how you can treat athlete’s foot.  

First of all, when you have itching, you will want to roll thin moxa cones in a thread form and apply a few cones on the itchy area.  It will relieve itching immediately.  And then, apply several thin thready cones on the root of the relevant toenail as you can see in the picture. It is not difficult to know that the bottom of the pinky toe is also affected. When it becomes worse, there may be discoloration on the toenail of the pinky toe.  When you keep repeating moxa cones everyday, you will find the skin and toenail back to normal, not to mention no itching.  

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