Aging healthy!

Aging healthy 1

Living Longer and Living well is what everyone in the globe is yearning for.  It is said that a king in old China tried every means possible to find aging-stopping herbs, but in vain.  It is not difficult to find articles that introduce a variety of good ways of living longer and living well.  These can be food, herbs, exercise, etc.  There are too many things in the market that can promote health.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), people died from chronic diseases and degenerative illnesses rather than acute illnesses and infectious diseases during the past century.  Surprisingly, 66% of the health care budget is spent on treating the patients with multiple chronic conditions, which more than a quarter of all Americans and two out of every three older Americans suffer from.[CDC]  Thanks to longer life span and aging baby boomers, one of every five Americans will be an older adult in 2030.[CDC]

Living longer should come together with living well.  What is the use of living longer in hospital beds?  There is nothing that can stop aging.  It would be wiser to focus on aging healthy.  I would like to introduce another way of aging healthy, which is moxibustion.  This is very cost-effective, easy to follow, and beneficial to your health and emotion, and preventive against chronic diseases.  If you master this, it would cost you only less than 15 dollars a month.

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